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Tanks and Scrapers

Don't waste time And money trying to make your own Tire Tanks or Scrapers!

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Midwest Tire Tanks and Scrapers:

A Leader in Tanks and Scrapers since 2006!


Midwest Tire Tanks are the solution to all your livestock watering needs. Use them in pastures, under windmills, on water lines or in corrals. We recycle heavy-duty used mine tires to create a sustainable/ environmentally friendly water tank that will outlast any steel tank or plastic tank. Whatever size of tank you want, we can cut it to the depth you need. We will also work with you to meet your government cost-share requirements.


Midwest Tire Scrapers are made using the same heavy-duty recycled tires as the water tanks. We offer a full line of scrapers compatible with a wide variety of equipment and we can custom fabricate attachments for your specific needs. Great for use in dairies and feed yards! Cleaning bunk pads, pens and alleys is easier than ever, and now you don't need to worry about breaking cement or chipping feed bunks.


Why Choose Us?


At Midwest Tire Tanks we do one thing and one thing only: construct, service and sell the best performing Water Tire Tanks and Scrapers on the market. When you have so many other vendors to choose from, what sets us apart?


Highest Quality Product

Midwest Tire Tanks:

  • Are each cut with precision equipment leaving a perfectly round hole
  • Outperforms and outlasts other tanks every time
  • Cannot be damaged by cattle like steel or hard plastic tanks
  • Holds heat better than steel tanks during the winter
  • Are bullet proof
  • Are available in nine sizes to meet all your needs

Saves Time & Money


Cutting your own tanks or scrapers can be time consuming, labor intensive and won't guarantee a uniform round hole for a tank or a precise form for a scraper blade every time. When cutting your own tanks there is a risk of cutting the tire incorrectly making it leak and unusable. 

Midwest's tire tanks and scrapers are cut to precision and won't chip or break, saving you labor, time and money!

Best Service & Pricing


At Midwest Tire Tanks we are committed to giving you the best customer experience possible! This is why all service calls go directly to our knowledgeable staff, who will help you with product and shipping information.






Here are the reasons Midwest Tire Tank purchasers give for choosing us:

  • The high quality and strength of our product
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Our large assortment of sizes
  • Our very competitive pricing
  • Our large distribution network, which provides easy access to our products
  • No waiting! All calls to Midwest Tire Tanks go directly to our sales staff for pricing and distribution locations.



Don't waste time and money cutting your own Tire Tanks or building your own Scrapers!


Contact us today to learn more:

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