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We recycle heavy duty used mine tires to create a sustainable and environmentally friend line of products that will out-last any steel, aluminum or plastic tank or snow-plow/ scraper on the market! Piles of tires would be buried or left stacked if they weren't recycled. This large amount of waste continues to grow by the day. We continue to help the environment by repurposing these massive numbers of tires for agricultural use, and for road and municipal use. 


About our Tire Recycling Service


We provide a cleanup service that can reduce scrap OTR tires from your mine. Our goal is to recycle all parts of the tires in an environmentally friendly way. The majority of the scrap OTR tires get cut into livestock water tanks. This provides a cost effective, environment friendly, and long lasting option compared to steel tanks.


What we can do for you


  •  Reduce the number of OTR tires being buried by providing an alternative.
  •  Lessen the liability by setting up a program for current scrap piles and as scrap tires are generated
  •  Recycle sizes 27.00R49 to 59/80R63
  •  Help coordinate the shipping of scrap tires