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Heavy Duty Tire Scrapers

Using the same heavy-duty recycled tires as the water tanks, we offer a full line of scrapers for a wide variety of equipment and custom fabricate attachments for your specific needs.


Great for use in dairies and feed yards! Cleaning bunk pads, pens and alleys is easier than ever, and now, you don't need to worry about breaking cement, or chipping feed bunks. 


Skid Steer

Made to fit any brand of skid steer.

Available Sizes -

6'  -  7'  -  8' -  9'

Global/Euro Quick 'Tach

Custom Built to Fit Agricultural Tractors.

Available Sizes -

9' With Wiper - 9' No Wiper

10' With Wiper - 10' No Wiper




Built to fit a wide variety of forklifts.

Available Sizes -

5'  -  6'  -  7'  - 8'


Bucket Ready

Built for Pay Loaders, Tractors with fixed Buckets and more!

Available Sizes -

9'  -  10'  -  11'  -  12'


Midwest Tire Scraper Replacement Tire and Wiper Blades Available for Any model.

Don't see what you are looking for? Request a custom build -