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Water Tanks



In colder weather you’ll save time not having to chop as much ice because the black rubber absorbs and holds more heat. Also, because the tanks are rubber, they are more durable and can stand up to you and your   cattle.  Never have dented or rusted out tanks again!


What Are Rubber Tire Tanks?

These tanks utilize used OTR tires from mines that are no longer able to be used for actual haul truck tires. We recycle the OTR tires and by filling the centers in they become water tanks for livestock.


What sizes are offered?

We currently carry sizes that range from 6 to 13 feet in diameter.


gallons of water are approximate.

Based on 26'' Depth

About Tire Tanks

Rubber tire tanks are your solutions to all your livestock watering needs. Use them in pastures, under windmills, on water lines or in corrals. We recycle heavy-duty used mine tires to create a sustainable/environment friendly water tank that will outlast any steel tank.

Whatever size of tank you want, we can cut it to the depth you need. We will also work with you to meet your government cost-share requirements.

How To Make Your Tank Hold Water:

1) Place tire tank where you will be using it and fill in center with dirt at least to the rim of the tire.
2) Using Quikrete, fill the rest of the bottom opening.
3) Start filling the tank with water. Only enough to cover the quick crete by and inch or two.
4) Let the Quikrete set and cure. Then, finish filling water and your tank is ready to use.